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Midnight Lightning was founded with a goal to reduce the impact that climbing products have our environment, both in their creation and in their use at the crag.

We explore every aspect of the products that we create, to see how we can lessen the resources and the cost that they have on our planet.


As dedicated climbers, we understand what it takes to craft products that meet the rigorous demands of our sport.

Our athletes trust Midnight Lightning to bring them to new heights without compromising on their environmental values.

Our chalk can be found at world cups, high on remote big walls or at your local gym!


At Midnight Lightning, we are driven to create novel products that lead in both sustainability and performance.

In 2020, we conceived and launched the worlds first Liquid Chalk refill ecosystem, saving thousands of plastic bottles from being discarded. This was quickly followed by the introduction of the first low-waste liquid chalk packaging, as well as sugarcane based packaging for loose chalk.

We are also proud to have released the patented Chalktopus, an ingenious little creature that lives within your chalk bag, providing ultimate chalk coverage when squeezed. A favourite of our athletes!

This is just the beginning of our innovative journey!


We are a company of climbers that care. We love working with organizations, athletes, and for causes that share in our values.

Hosting a crag cleanup day? A grassroots comp? Are you an athlete looking for support?

We can't promise anything, but reach out to us to see if we can help!